Street Food Special - 4 people

4 pizzas and 2 litres of beer for £35

Choose any 4 pizzas and 1 x 2-litre bottle of Wetherby Brew Co beer for £25. Order and pay for both food and beer online and then collect both orders together from the brewery. Please enter the day (and approximate time) of your arrival at the checkout.


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Igloo Pizza - Double Pepperoni
Igloo Pizza - Margherita (Vegetarian)
Igloo Pizza - Margherita (Vegan)
Igloo Pizza - Funghi (Vegan)
Igloo Pizza - Funghi (Vegetarian)
Igloo Pizza - Nduja
Igloo Pizza - Pigs in Blankets
Gold 2 litre
Bitter 2 litre
IPA 2 litre

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The price quoted is for any four food pizzas and one Wetherby Brew Co beer from the menu above.
N.B. Beer will be served from the cask into a 2-litre bottle and is best served within a few hours of purchase.
Customers must be 18+ (proof of ID may be required).